Thursday, May 15, 2008

About Forearm Dance

I've practiced massage for 27 years, and have instructed for 25 years. My practice ranges from 8 to 10 clients daily, and sometimes even more!

I attribute my success and longevity to the use of "efficient body mechanics" within a technique I developed - Forearm Dance™. Forearm Dance ™ will teach practitioners how to give a fluid, full body massage, using only their forearms and olecrenons, thus reducing injury to their hands.

The Forearm Dance ™ Technique will also allow massage practitioners to work with proper body mechanics, reducing stress and injury to their own bodies. If you too want to have the same longevity in your career that I've had in my own practice, learning "maximum efficiency with minimum effort", then Forearm Dance™ is the technique for you!

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Anonymous said...

Val's technique has changed my massage routine forever! I incorporate Forearm Dance into every massage I do. I recommend Val's class to everyone I meet. My client's love the massage and I am taking care of myself in the process. Thank you to Val and her teaching assistants!
Blessings, Mary Ann